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        Academy of Classical Russian Ballet

              The Hague / Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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                               В ГААГЕ, НИДЕРЛАНДЫ!
                       Фонд Анна Павлова, Нидерланды
  Академия классического русского балета Гаага/Роттердам

                  Our ballet Academy - this is an international project. 

We are happy to declare that the Foundation "Anna Pavlova" (The Netherlands) and Vladislav Kuramshin's Academy of Classical Russian Ballet (St. Petersburg, Russia) now have ballet studios in the Hague and Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and they are very successful. 
These school accept students different ages and different levels of training.

In our educational program - the classical ballet lessons, repertoire rehearsals, participation in the ballet performances of Vladislav Kuramshin's Academy and Ballet Theatre "Choreographic miniatures" (St. Petersburg, Russia) in The Netherlands such as "The Nutcracker", "Snow Queen", "Snow White and seven dwarfs", "Three little pigs", "Little Red Riding Hood", "Swan lake" and others and in different ballet competitions, the basics of character dance and partnering (optional). Lesson for beginners 1 hour 15 min. Lesson for advanced group 2 hours 15 min. 

We are waiting all young ballet dancers to join our schools in the Hague and Rotterdam! Come to us and be a part of the world of classical ballet!

Director, President and a founder of the Foudation "Anna Pavlova" and the Academy of Classical Russian Ballet Vladislav Kuramshin (Mariinskii/Kirov ballet former dancer)
Artistic Director of the Academy
Tatiana Petrova (Bolshoi Ballet former dancer/Bolshoi Ballet Academy former teacher)

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About our ballet academy in the Netherlands
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